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Meet the KQB team

At The Alexander Dawson School’s Esports EDU Lab, we have really come to love a game called Killer Queen Black. It actually all started during a trip, after we played the arcade version, Killer Queen, in Los Angeles. We fell in love with the strategy involved and the team building.

We looked to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, Killer Queen Black, to create gamebased lessons for our classes. We implemented them in our game design course and esports elective as part of the curriculum and found so many ways to utilize the game, from team building and communication exercises to historical research and even physical education. We reached out to the makers of the game, Liquid Bit, in hopes that we could combine forces to share our resources and knowledge with other schools across the country. After having some conversations with Matt Tesch (Founder & CEO of Liquid Bit), we realized that this would be a great community outreach opportunity to support local communities and the children among them. Fast forward a couple of months and here we are launching our latest starter kit with the collaboration of the Killer Queen team.

So welcome Matt Tesch and CS Wallace of Liquid Bit as we discuss the partnership, the game, their team, and the future of their company.

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