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Creating Communities through esports

We at the Esports EDU Lab are lucky we get to talk to educators from all over the world. We get to meet interesting people who are championing education for students in all different fashions. Through our recent community outreach contest sponsored by the makers of Killer Queen Black for the Nintendo Switch, we met

Matt Cutler from the Mt. Scott Learning Center in Portland Oregon. Mt. Scott Learning Center is a fully-accredited, diploma-based nonprofit organization designed to foster success in students who have not found success in larger, traditional school environments. Mt. Scott Learning Center emphasizes the development of a

small, successful community of learners based upon four core values: health, citizenry, preparation, and scholarship. Small class sizes allow staff to develop challenging curriculum for all academic levels, while focusing on and fostering the specific skills needed to be a successful student. With this, we are excited to

introduce you to Matt and learn more about what he currently does and what he will do in the future with

esports and game-based education.

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