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What is the ReBoot Program?

In K-12 education game-based learning and esports face one common challenger, funding. For most schools, sourcing equipment or funds to build their curriculum, clubs, and competition teams is the biggest hurdle. What the ReBoot for EDU program does is take donated equipment to refurbish, test, and package them with curriculum to send to under-resourced K12 public schools across the US. We individualize the equipment to meet not only their esports needs but also their curricular goals. We then work with the teachers individually to support them as they start up their school programs. 

This program is powered by students, for students. Students in the Esports EDU Lab take the lead on this service-learning project and provide this service to others. Learning the soft and hard skills along the way while giving back to communities across the US.

To partner with us, please send inquiries to to help support k12 children.

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