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Guide to Headsets with Professional Gamer Martin @Anderzz

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Are you trying to find the right gear for your athletes and shoutcasters?

One of the biggest challenges facing a new esports club in K-12 is really knowing what to buy. Anyone who’s not native to esports hits that point where they are ready to purchase equipment but are feeling the anguish of figuring out what is appropriate.I recently reached out to Martin “Anderzz” Schelasin, Head

Coach of Esports at Thomas College, to help us navigate through different types of headsets. For a school starting up its first esports club, we needed general advice about what we should be looking for in a gamer’s headset, whether it’s noise cancelling, audio quality, durability, etc. Some programs have moved past the club and are looking at streaming content and/or shoutcasting. But do these headsets differ from the athletes and what is some advice we should know in selecting for a shoutcaster? The following guide provides an option for the top bargain buy, best buy, and dream buy for an athlete and a shoutcaster. So here is where I exit, and Martin takes over!

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