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Decatur City Schools

We recently worked with Decatur Public Schools to help support one of their campuses in their pursuit of an all-girls esports team and create their gaming club at their school.


The major hurdle that the school faced was a lack of resources to support their esports team goals. We provided them an esports starter kit to help set them up for success! 

Chicago Public Schools

Working with CPS to explore how esports and game-based learning could be incorporated not only into STEM courses but also their music classes. We shared our knowledge and examples of game-based learning, along with one of our classroom esports kit, so that they could utilize this new avenue of teaching in their classrooms.

Mt. Scott Learning Center

Mount Scott is an alternative learning center that does not have a traditional sports team. Students here come from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences, and they expressed that they do not feel they have a "normal" high school experience. We worked with them to start their own esports team in the hope of creating that high school community feeling their students felt was missing. 

NYC Dept. of Education

The goal of this particular program was to create a club for special education students to use the gamification of esports to learn and grow. Esports and game-based experiences can open a new door to learning for special education students. We know that the club will also harness the passion of students and the love of video games. 

You could be next!

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